Business opportunities from Gypsy Day

Contracts for dairy farm staff go from June 1st until May 31st and today is Gypsy Day when thousands of  of dairy farm owners, managers, share milkers and other staff change jobs.

There are obvious opportunities from that for businesses which move stock and household contents. There are others we hadn’t thought of until we got into dairying such as work for locksmiths, cleaners, carpet layers, painters and curtain makers.

Incoming staff often want to be sure that the outgoing workers won’t be able to get into their houses so lots of locks have to be changed.

Newcomers don’t want to deal with dirt and mess left behind by previous occupants either. Some workers keep their houses so clean you could just about eat off their floors. Others leave their houses in an appalling state.

Many need a heavy duty clean, others have to have curtains and carpets replaced and need repairs and repainting as well.

It’s a very poor reflection on the way some workers treat their homes but it does provide work for local businesses who get the work of cleaning and repairing the mess they leave behind.

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