Voting made difficult

An information pack arrived from the electoral Commission yesterday. The front page of the pamphlet said: voting in the referendum made easy.

On the other side was a flow chart which I reckon was more voting in the referendum made difficult. I found it left me with a lot more questions than answers.

If a political tragic who knows quite a bit about the referendum found it wanting, how useful is it to people who know little and aren’t particularly interested?

A website and telephone number were given and the website makes the process and options much clearer.

But what happens to all the people who are put off by the pamphlet, don’t try the phone number or website or don’t have access to a computer?

The results of the election will determine who governs us for the following three years. The results of the referendum could determine how we’re governed for decades.

It’s a very important process which deserves a much better explanation than this pamphlet provided.

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