Word of the day

Jackass – a foolish or stupid person; a blockhead; a male ass or donkey.

2 Responses to Word of the day

  1. gravedodger says:

    I wondered who the inspiration was for this choice, now it is clear, you knew Stuart Dickison had invested heavily on a win by the Reds and surprise surprise he and his two Aussie Mates miss a clear forward transfer for the Reds try and those cheating bloody Crusaders that Big Bruv so admires are the only ones committing penalisable infringements at ruck time, mostly in kickable positions. He must have been worried though, that he had to get Cooper up to the 22 straight in front but it all came right on the night.
    They worry about the top table at FIFA, I wondered at the appointment of three Home refs for such a crucial game, perhaps they are just getting a level playing field, after all it must be time to help out the Aussies.


  2. homepaddock says:

    I’m flattered you think I have foresight but when I posted this word this afternoon I hadn’t been looking at referees’ bets 🙂


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