Another of those fortnights

It’s been another of those fortnights this week and the one before that and the one before that:

Monday: Home – Oamaru (sorting books for Rotary book fair) – home.

Tuesday: home – Dunedin – home.

Wednesday: home – Wanaka.

Thursday: Wanaka – Queenstown – Wanaka.

Friday: Wanaka – Millers Flat – Wanaka.

Saturday: Wanaka – home.

Sunday: home – Dunedin – home.

Monday home – Oamaru – home.

Tuesday:  home – Dunedin – Wanaka.

Wednesday:  Wanaka – Queenstown.

Thursday: Queenstown – home.

Friday: home – Christchurch (for National Party Mainland conference which I co-chaired on Saturday and Sunday).

Sunday: Christchurch – home.

Monday: home – Oamaru (more book sorting) – home – Wanaka.

Tuesday: Wanaka – Invercargill – Riverton (didn’t spot Mr Guyton) – Otahuti – home.

Wednesday: home – Christchurch – Wellington.

Friday: Wellington – Auckland.

Sunday: Auckland – Christchurch – home.

Memo to self: staying in the bar chatting  until 1am, after a National Party Northern Regional convention dinner, even when not drinking, isn’t a good idea when you have to fly back to the Mainland then drive for 3 1/2 hours the next day.

I got home an hour ago and am about to take myself to bed with the book I started reading in the plane – Joy Cowley’s Silent One.

One Response to Another of those fortnights

  1. gravedodger says:

    Sleep well, even have a little lie in, finish that book.
    Message to your farmer, cup of tea around 08 30, but I guess you have things planned for tomorrow.

    Your schedule makes me feel exhausted, could have done that 25 years ago, now one night call and recovery is essential the following day.

    ps glad I don’t pay your expenses.

    pps R G will be gutted especially now his self imposed exile has been terminated and his pathological hatred of John Phillip and Simon William continues to torment him.


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