Aucklanders more intelligent than rest of NZers?

How do you explain this:

New Zealand First’s figures show consistent support between Auckland (2.6 per cent) and the rest of the country (2.7 per cent) and between genders.

But there is a big variance in support for leader Winston Peters as preferred prime minister between Auckland voters (3 per cent) and the rest of New Zealand (6.7 per cent).

Does it mean Aucklanders are more intelligent than the rest of us, or at least there are fewer deluded people there?

What is the implication of this?

New Zealand First is also disproportionately supported by those aged 65 and over.

Its overall party-vote support in the poll was 2.7 per cent but it was supported by 7.6 per cent of the elderly.

The elderly, in general, are closer to dying than younger people so this could mean the party’s support is dying.

But if the number of older people is growing as a proportion of the population and their voting preference changes as they age, the party support could grow.

That’s a very scary thought.

2 Responses to Aucklanders more intelligent than rest of NZers?

  1. JC says:

    “What is the implication of this?”

    Demographics. The median age is 2 years younger than the rest of NZ. Polynesian, Maori and Asian median ages are in the 20s versus Europeans in the high 30s.



  2. pdm says:

    it is not that Aucklanders are more intelligent – it is just that they see the shyster ever day because he lives among them – poor sods.

    It should be the duty of every Aucklander that sees him to ask when he is paying back the $158,000 he owes taxpayers.


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