Budget headlines

We spent, taxed, borrowed too much – Labour

PSA accepts need for fiscal rectitude

CTU gives tick to savings, investment & exports

EPMU welcomes jobs forecast

Hawarira says thanks

Budget a bit tough: Act

Greens applaud focus on building economy

Students satisfied – NZUSA

We’re grateful – social service agencies

Flying pigs spotted

Met Service forecasts low temperatures in Hell

3 Responses to Budget headlines

  1. Sinner says:

    I prefer financial abyss myself.

    This really is simply the worst budget ever in the history of NZ

    Worse than anything or Cullen or Muldoon or Nordmeyer ever did by far.


  2. Sally says:

    As NotPC Says “A Budget based on nothing but borrow and hope – —on the hope that something will come along to pull the economy out of its depression.”

    How great is that?


  3. mort says:

    i guess the hope is the rest of the world will go to hell in a handcart with the onset of a Weimar republic depression, thus resulting in the debt trap the current policies have driven us into will get gobbled up, all with the redeeming factor being NZ’s reliance on primary produce, and the potential to still produce foodstuff when the financial excreta hits the fan, and the Chinese and Indians are the only ones buying because they hoarded precious metals and commodities to continue producing trade goods to exchange for the foodstuffs.
    BUt if it doesn’t happen then our children should GTFO of dodge as soon as they finish their education, if indeed the countries creditors will let NZers travel abroad, thus escaping debt serfdom


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