Good manners rule on marae

At last, board members of the Te Tii Marae have run out of patience with Titiwhai Harawira.

Titewhai Harawira faces a possible ban from Te Tii Marae after being accused of “rancidification of Maori protocols” at a recent Maori Party hui.

In an email to the Herald, seven board members from the lower marae at Waitangi said they were disappointed protocols such as manaakitanga (looking after people and agreeing to disagree), whanaungatanga (strengthening families) and kaitiakitanga (caring for resources or people) were becoming meaningless to “a pocket of Maori people”. . .

. . . The Te Tii email said the marae would not be a “dumping ground for personal agendas” any longer.

 “The political poncing and resultant rancidification of Maori protocols by bullies who want everything their own way by whatever foul means, are not traits that this particular board would wish to have our children and young adults perceive as being the Ngapuhi way forward.

 “The board’s priority is to preserve the dignity of the marae and trespass notices will be issued where the board considers it necessary to do so,” the trustees wrote.

 The best response to rudeness is good manners and reason, just like this.

3 Responses to Good manners rule on marae

  1. pdm says:

    My guess is that they will back down. She will just bully them into submission once again when the crunch comes.


  2. Blair says:

    Notice how they never bothered to kick her out for the numerous times she behaved badly towards pakeha leaders over the last 10+ years, but they only got their a into g when she slagged another Maori? Some people would call that racism at work.


  3. homepaddock says:

    “Some people would call that racism at work.”

    Some people would call it the last straw.


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