Why do so many people live there?

A survey confirms what those of us with the good sense, or luck, to live elsewhere suspected – Auckland’s not a healthy place to live:

A survey by Southern Cross Healthcare says Auckland has the worst work-life balance and, apart from quake-hit Christchurch, the most stress.

The survey says Aucklanders are eating more takeaways than any other city and that only 16% of people eat more than five servings of fruit and vegetables a day – less than people in any other city.

It’s not a bad place to visit but I wouldn’t choose to live there and the results of this survey make me wonder why so many other people do.

5 Responses to Why do so many people live there?

  1. Adolf Fiinkensein says:

    ‘five servings of fruit and vegetables per day…’?

    Come off it!

    I don’t know of anybody in NZ who eats five servings of any damned thing per day. Those who do will be ten tonne Tessies.


  2. Blair says:

    Because it’s one of the most beautiful, exciting, invigorating, cosmopolitan cities on earth. And it contains people who know how to dress themselves in something other than rugby jerseys, and women with shoulders narrower than an All Black prop forward. And you can go to the supermarket at 4am in the morning. And have a drink in the casino at 5am on a Monday. You can walk down Broadway and watch all the pretty girls, or have a great meal at the waterfront in some of the best restaurants in the southern hemisphere. Why wouldn’t anyone want to live there? Apart from the fact it happens to be in New Zealand, of course.


  3. Richard says:

    Ele, its even better further south of you.
    Blair: Were you describing Manukau? Must have missed something.


  4. gravedodger says:

    The Double down looks like a masterstroke in advertising by KFC and Restaurant Brands, sheesh the media are muppets eh.

    ps nice one Adolph he he he, getting fat from all those vegies, spare a thought for Kedgeley, only a little one mind


  5. homepaddock says:

    Adolf – I easily eat five plus servings of fresh fruit and vegetables each day and that’s fine, it’s what else I eat which leads to a problem with wardrobe shrinkage.

    Blair – that doesn’t change my mind.

    Richard – it’s also better west of me.

    GD nothing like getting someone to say don’t do something to make a whole lot of people want to do it.


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