Politics precludes Greenpeace from charitable status

The High Court has ruled that Greenpeace is too involved in politics to be registered as a charity.

Justice Paul Heath turned down an appeal last Friday that Greenpeace could register with the Charities Commission after the body rejected its 2010 application.

Justice Heath said Greenpeace’s political activities can’t be regarded as “merely ancillary” to its charitable purposes and that the commission was correct in disqualifying it for registration over the potentially illegal activities.

Though the pursuit of peace could be “worthy,” that didn’t necessarily make it charitable, he said.

“The commission was correct in holding that non-violent, but potentially illegal activities (such as trespass), designed to put (in the eyes of Greenpeace) objectionable activities into the public spotlight were an independent object disqualifying it from registration as a charitable entry,” Justice Heath said in his judgement.

“In qualitative terms, the charitable purposes of Greenpeace could be met without resort to the type of political activities that deny its right to registration.”

. . .He said Greenpeace viewed itself more as an “advocate rather than an educator,” and cited the commission’s examples of Greenpeace’s non-violent action including a protest over Fonterra Cooperative Group’s increasing use of coal, and a campaign opposing the importation of palm kernel oil that also targeted the dairy exporter.


Greenpeace is an overtly political organisation.

It is still free to pursue it’s political objectives but this ruling means it won’t get the tax exemptions charitable status would give it while doing so.

2 Responses to Politics precludes Greenpeace from charitable status

  1. Dave says:

    Great news!! Even one of the original founders of Greenpeace, Dr Patrick Moore, has publicly disowned the modern organisation. He says the group has turned its back on science and “he could no longer tolerate the qualified hysteria and fear mongering which often defines Greenpeace and the rest of the Green movement”…


  2. bulaman says:

    Now we just need to defund other quasi communist entities like Oxfam, the Mana party, the Green party, Jim Anderton, the UN. They can do what they like on their own dime but get out of the public trough!


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