May 7, 2011

The NZ Herald has taken pity on political tragics not able to get their political triva fix from the Dom Post and have come up with Question Time.

I managed 8/10.

Hat Tip: Kiwiblog

Word of the day

May 7, 2011

Hamartithia – prone to mistakes.

Saturday smiles

May 7, 2011

From this morning’s ODT – man meets mannequin.

Result: mannequin 1 – man 0.


May 7, 2011

8/10 in the NZ Herald’s weekly news quiz.

Enterprising Rural Women finalists

May 7, 2011

Rural Women NZ has announced the finalists for its third annual Enterprising Rural Women Awards.

The South Island winner, sponsored by Telecom, is Lisa Harper of Sherrington Grange.

RWNZ says:

 Lisa supplies accommodation, food and educational experiences to a niche market on her farm in the Marlborough Sounds.  Lisa has built on family tradition and the skills she learned as a child, and now produces some of the best cheeses in New Zealand. 

She has developed a wide range of goats’ and cows’ milk cheeses, including full strength European-style cheeses that are not common here.  Deliberately cross-marketing her products and services, Lisa also caters for the growing market of travellers who seek experiences, rather than simply accommodation.  Many visitors come to take one of Lisa’s cheese making classes as part of their Marlborough Sounds’ stay.

The North Island winner is Nestling, a business run by sisters Maria-Fe Rohrlach and Bernadine Guilleux. 

RWNZ says:

Based in Mamaku, Rotorua, Nestling produces organic merino and cotton baby wraps and slings.  The judges were impressed by Nestling’s use of New Zealand materials and their commitment to manufacturing onshore, as well as their innovative designs, where modern fabrics and colours are fused with the traditional methods of wrapping and carrying babies. 

Judges were Liz Evans, Rural Women New Zealand’s National President, Tina Symmans, Telecom’s  director of corporate relations, and John Ayling, chairman of Access Homehealth.

The awards aim to celebrate rural business women and promote their achievements. Among criteria judges consider are: innovation, rural enterprise, points of difference;  product and service quality, meeting compliance requirements, environmental awareness;  marketing and promotion, including evidence that the business is progressing;  financial performance and economic inputs into the rural community; staff management and/or personal development.

The North and South Island winners will attend the Awards ceremony at the RWNZ national conference on Friday 20 May when the overall winner will be announced.

Why has Landcorp bought another farm?

May 7, 2011

Landcorp has bought a 1270 hectare property near Feilding,  which was owned by Tawera Land, which is in receivership.

The sale was another step in the process of selling the former farming interests of bankrupt businessman Ken Thurston.

The sale attracted bids from about 30 groups, in what was the biggest land-holding sale by one owner in the district.

I wonder how the under bidders felt about being beaten by an SOE?

Meanwhile, Landcorp chief executive Chris Kelly said the corporation planned to invest “significant capital” in the Feilding properties bought from Tawera’s receivers. The land was earlier reported to lack fencing and water systems.

Landcorp already makes a pitiful return on capital.

The last annual report (to June 30, 2010)  showed the company made only a $10 million net profit from $1.52 billion of assets.

 Buying more land and pouring money in to develop it won’t do anything to improve that.

Green pot calls brown kettle red

May 7, 2011

Who said:

“. “I mean, who wants to relive the battles of the 1980s and 1990s? We’re in 2011 for God’s sake. We need a progressive force that actually deals with where we are now, not tries to refight the 1980s and 1990s. . . “

and about whom?

It could easily have been someone in National criticising Labour MPs who have a penchant for talking about the “failed” policies of the 80s and 90s.

But it was Green co-leader Russel Norman about the Mana Party.

It is very much a case of the green pot calling the brown kettle red because the Greens are pretty red too.

Mana might be more extreme in some areas but it would be hard to see much difference between it and the Greens on many areas of policy.

The Green Party has been the home for far left votes since the Alliance split and they could well bleed votes to Mana if it manages to make any traction.

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