Compulsory voluntarism ?

Labour wants to talk to Act MP Heather Roy about her  bill which will make membership of student unions voluntary.

Chief Whip Rick Barker told Morning Report that Labour is willing to debate the bill, but it has some concerns about its context.

He said the problem is that it makes voluntarism – compulsory.

Compulsory voluntarism?

The logic of this defeats me. If you can explain what sounds like an oxymoron to me, please do.

3 Responses to Compulsory voluntarism ?

  1. pdm says:

    It confirms my thoughts that Rick Barker is a dickhead of the first order. Twice trounced by Craig Foss and still in Parliament as a list MP – then turns up in King Country trying to be elected as their electorate MP.

    That man has no shame.

  2. cracker666 says:

    Yes, Mr Barker is indeed not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Why they let him open his mouth is beyond me and shows that the iron fist of Clark, Simpson, Munro and Lewis is long gone, replaced with a laissez faire approach that just keeps giving votes to National.

  3. poneke says:

    It seems straightforward to me.

    Existing (bad) law makes membership of student unions compulsory.

    Proposed (good) law makes membership voluntary.

    Passing the law compels a change to voluntary.

    Just a simple word play. But I suspect you were being a tad sarcastic. 🙂

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