What’s the point of changing ministers now?

A new leader wants to put his stamp on his party as soon as possible. But what’s the point of changing ministers when it’s little more than six months to the election?

The new ACT leader, Don Brash, who is not an MP, will meet the Prime Minister on Tuesday to discuss whether or not the former leader Rodney Hide and the deputy leader, John Boscawen, should retain their ministerial positions.

Mr Key says ministers serve at the pleasure of the Prime Minister but that he will be listening to the opinions of Dr Brash as ACT party leader.

Mr Key says he could support Mr Hide, Mr Boscawen, or the former deputy, Heather Roy, as ministers.

Are Hide and Boscawen performing as well as they should as ministers? Would Roy be any better?

Unless the answer to both those questions is no the decision by Brash to seek to strip his predecessor, Hide, and/or the party’s deputy Boscawen, of their portfolios and replace one or both with Roy this late in the electoral cycle looks petty and vindictive.

However, if Brash’s intention is to leave Act with no ministers, that’s a sign he wants to be able to clearly differentiate Act from the government to show voters clearly what it stands for.

5 Responses to What’s the point of changing ministers now?

  1. pdm says:

    Your lasts para could be the only justifiable reason as far as I can see.


  2. JC says:

    And its clearly in the interests of the party to get separation whilst policies are being dumped or reinvented.

    IMO that Parliamentary team are tainted except for Sir Roger, but who would want him as the leader in Parliament in the run up to the election?

    This is one case where competence in Ministerial duties is secondary to getting out the (revived) message, and uncomfortably for all, that might be Roy.



  3. Sinner says:

    ACT needs to be purged. Frankly I’d chop the lot before the election.

    Now that ACT has serious leaders, serious policy (2025 Taskforce) and is recruiting serious candidates and serious money – ACT has no place for clowns like Rodney any more.

    For a start: very much unlike Rodney, all the new ACT candidates are independently wealthy winners, and they won’t take any salary or allowances – because they don’t need them!


  4. pdm says:

    and they won’t take any salary or allowances – because they don’t need them!

    Can you be sure about that Sinner?


  5. gravedodger says:

    If ACT supporters and the leadership accept that a, if not ‘the’ significant reason for the inability to gain any traction in the polls is the tainted personna of the deposed leader then any advantage from the leadership change will be nullified by the continued public profile as portrayed by the deposed staying on.
    If that is what Mr Brash is thinking then show some leadership, withdraw from all the ministries and just give supply and confidence to the National Party to govern.


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