Reading, writing and mowing

Websites visited for my discussion with Jim Mora on Ciritcal Mass today were:

50 books every child should read

Children will read if they see Mum & Dad doing it

The case for cursive writing

and intellectual lawn art at a Bee of a Certain Age (this is from Deborah who used to blog at In A Strangeland when she lived in Austrlaia but started  aBoCA when she moved back to New Zealand.)

8 Responses to Reading, writing and mowing

  1. Deborah says:

    I heard it! I came home early today, so I tuned in and caught the discussion about children’s books, which I enjoyed even more when I realised that it was you. And then there was the delightful surprise of hearing your mention of my blog. Thank you!


  2. […] who have come by here to check out the lawn art, after Ele mentioned it on Radio New Zealand today. Thank you, Ele! I was driving home from work, rather earlier than usual, listening to your lovely discussion about […]


  3. alex Masterley says:

    Missed the program. Pity.
    Our house is full of books.
    My 6 year old reads to his younger brother. When he, the older one falls asleep, I take over.


  4. Bearhunter says:

    I have to say that with cursive writing, I felt more grown up when I’d mastered it than I ever did when I started shaving. It was a genuinely adult thing for me and hugely important because my own handwriting (as opposed to mere printing) gave me a written voice as distinctive as my spoken one.


  5. gravedodger says:

    A quick run through those titles and now I know how the system failed me, bloody empirists.
    I had to make do with Enid Blyton (The Famous Five, about 12 books I think) Captain W E Johns, Nicholas Montserrat, Paul Brickhill, James Fennimore Cooper, Zane Grey, And from the above list only Carrol,Dickens, Ransome and Stevenson.
    Three of the earliest books I remember reading were a book of parables from the new testament written as short stories by Uncle Arthur (Maxwell if the memory is right), The Snow Goose- Paul Galico, and two by Trevor Dudley Smith who later wrote as Elleston Trevor, The Secret Glade and its sequal By A Silver Stream about communities created by British Fauna as almost human developments.
    Of course as a child of the 40s and 50s “Champion” comics, weekly short stories on the Foreign Legion, Roy of the Rovers, Jet Jackson (racing cars), another character whose name has evaporated from the Mounties and Rockfist Rogan who was able to box and win on a weekly basis. It came on the store cart from Rogers store on Fridays and the only two reasons Mum supported the habit that occur to me were that at least I was reading, only the Foreign Legion was pictorial and it diverted my attention from the Stacy and Hawkers whole Procera loaf.
    During my final year at college I took a four period a week class by the agriculture master who started it as a filler for those who returned for UE but struggled to find a fifth subject. After a term on farm management, integrating and working with staff on returning home from college and farm budgeting he appeared to run out of steam and proceded to read us “Animal Farm”, crafty old tory, it took a while for the message to dawn but it was one of the most valuable lessons In four years of college. There was no discussion or analysis but I am certain it was a great grounding in the hypocracy, futility and corruption that socialism dumps on society. He was probably very aware of the dangers of being seen to direct our minds politically, good one Wally.


  6. homepaddock says:

    Deborah – you’re welcome.

    Alex you can listen via RNZ website. V.mpressed with the 6 year-old’s reading.

    BH – your writing is obviously a lot more mature than mine which is dreadful.

    GD – wonder if a child of today would remember what s/he did on a computer when she’s your age the way you can remember the books?


  7. JC says:

    GD, I scored about 11 of the books, which is as it should be given my generation.. but how would even a modern critic miss John Buchan, Shakespearean plays, Rosemary Sutcliffe (esp Sword at Sunset),PC Wren (Beau Geste) and would we speak as we do if we had all read Joseph Conrad? Buchan and Conrad should be required reading for all boys who want to speak and reason in English as she should be spuk.



  8. adam2314 says:


    Reading… Which I am adamant about..

    I would prefer to see this Govt. Borrowing $320 m a week to provide READING to the people than providing KFC..

    I think that I maybe from an even earlier generation than GD.. :-))

    He did not mention Biggles.. Opoose he did W.E Johns.. Green Mantle.. Enid Blyton.. Even then it was finger down the throat stuff.. To me :-))..
    Tarzan.. ??.. Conrad.. Even Penguin Books..

    My mothers biggest complain was that i always had my head in a book..

    I have the scar’s on my foot to prove it..

    I shifted my foot and ended up spilling the FAMILY soup bubbling in the fire place..

    READING In my opinion is …

    The beginning of Life..

    Reading is in my opinion.. ESSENTIAL !!!!..


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