No Milk Monday mothers misguided

A No Milk Mondays campaign has been started by a group of mothers and is aimed against what they say is profiteering by Fonterra and retailers.

They have started a No Milk Mondays campaign as a show of consumer power against the dairy manufacturers and retailers. . .

The campaign group says New Zealand families are struggling to afford milk, cheese and butter, which are important for the health of the country.

“The dairy food giants need to realise Kiwis happily pay good prices for their product, but we will not allow them to steal food out of the mouths of our children for the sake of selfish profiteering on the pretext of world markets setting local prices,” it said in a statement.

Selfish profiteering on the pretext of world markets setting local prices? That’s high on emotion and devoid of facts.

World prices have no influence on the difference between the wholesale and retail price but almost everything to do with the price of milk from the manufacturer.

Fonterra and the farmers who supply the company are in business to make money, the more we make from exports the better it is for the country. If the price for domestic supply was lower than the domestic price no-one would bother with the local market.

If anything, domestic prices should attract a premium. Town-supply cows have to be milked all year round while most herds which supply milk for export are dried off at the end of May and don’t start milking again until calving in August.

None of the people calling for us to subsidise consumers when prices are high would be willing to subsidise us when prices are low – not that I’d want them to.

Food prices dropped as a percentage of income, now they’re rising again and as we export so much food that’s good for us all.

The solution isn’t subsidies, regulation or anything else which handicaps producers and manufacturers, it’s a growing economy which will improve incomes.

4 Responses to No Milk Monday mothers misguided

  1. Paranormal says:

    Couldn’t agree more. And it is your last paragraph that’s the key.

    I’m sure these no milk mondays would be horrified at the thought of having their Welfare For Families subsidy removed, but it is exactly that kind of government largesse that is beggaring our economy. So much so that we are struggling to afford the basics we have always taken for granted.


  2. Roger Barton says:

    I’m considering running a “No LOTTO Saturday”. I’ve never actually bought a ticket but it never ceases to amaze me , in this impoverished country that can’t afford milk, just how many can and shouldn’t!


  3. homepaddock says:

    Roger – brilliant. Should we add no tobacco and no alcohol?


  4. Farm girl says:

    How ridiculous! If you don’t buy it on Monday – you’ll probably buy it on Tuesday or Wednesday! Don’t forget that means no cappucinnos, no scones, no cakes, no custard etc either. Does that mean that the kids who are given breakfasat at school courtesy of Sanitarium and Fonterra will miss out on Mondays?
    I am sick of the ignorance surrounding the way milk is priced. Perhaps the public shopuld start buying soy milk – which is miles more expensive. If the Nz public don’t want to buy our milk – all the more to export and help the NZ economy.


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