Eyes left

Political eyes have been looking right this week but now there’s a reason to look left.

Keeping Stock has come across an open letter urging people to attend tomorrow’s launch of Hone Harawira’s Mana Party written by Mike Treen.

Who? That’s what I thought but Inventory 2 has the answer:

Mike Treen is a life long socialist activist and National Director of Unite New Zealand, a union which has “successfully organized young workers in fast foods”.

Not surprising then that the new party will promote policies including:

Our strategy on taxes will be targeted at wealth such as capital gains taxes, death duties, and asset taxes. We will want to abolish GST with sometime like a financial transaction tax (we’d like to call it the Hone Heke Tax). The rich need to pay their fair share. As a start the last tax cut should be cancelled.

The OECD report released this week advocated a capital gains tax. But I can’t see how  anyone with a modicum of understanding of economics would support anything else in this extreme left dogma.

Who do they think already pays most of the tax which allows the aspiring leader of the yet to be formed party to swan around the country?

Independent MP Hone Harawira spent $43,000 on travel in three months – nearly as much as the entire Maori Party’s bill of $44,410.

If the party manages to jump through the hoops required to become registered then Harawira will get extra funding as the leader of a party in parliament.

3 Responses to Eyes left

  1. scrubone says:

    Gotta love it when people talk about the rich paying their “fair share”.

    I wonder if they’re ignorant or if they’re hoping no one will mention that the rich already pay most tax.


  2. homepaddock says:

    Quite -whatever their definition of “fair” is it’s not to the people who already pay most.


  3. gravedodger says:

    Every socialist aspiring to a position where they will have access to compulsorily acquired funding should have to be put in stocks for two weeks and be forced to listen to a tapeloop into earphones reciting “socialism will only endure until the point is reached where the state runs out of other people’s money to fund your impossible dream”.
    Funding for aspiring politicians should have to be sourced from like minded supporters not from poor bloody taxpayers who have only ridicule and disdain for their idiotic,ego driven inanity.
    How many hundred thousands dollars of public money has the troughmaster general squandered promoting his egotistical shenanagins since he left (sorry they left him according to the history rewrite) the Labour party oh so long ago, now the bmfo mana party picks up the baton.


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