From love poems to loo paper

Discussion with Jim Mora on Critical Mass began with a collection of poems for a wedding, royal or otherwise, chosen by British poet laureate Carol Ann Duffy (Hat Tip: Beatiies’ Book Blog)..

I especially liked: Anne Gray’s Love Listen which begins:

Let’s love, listen, take time
when time is all we have.
Let’s be unafraid to be kind,
learn to disregard the bad
if the good outweighs it daily. . .


Roger McGough’s Vow:

I vow to honour the commitment made this day
Which, unlike the flowers and the cake,
Will not wither or decay. A promise, not to obey
But to respond joyfully, to forgive and to console,
For once incomplete, we now are whole. . .

We moved from love to loo paper, the  really serious topic: under or over – how should the loo paper hang at Brainz?

If you follow the link above there’s a graphic with the pros and cons of each which says that when the paper is over the roll it’s easier to tear off desired number of sheets and grab the end and there’s less chance of scraping knuckles on wall/gathering germs.

 This is favoured by 70% of people, usually over achievers who like to take charge and be organised.

When the loose end is under the roll there’s  less chance of accidental unravelling eg in motor home or earthquake or if grabbed by cat or small child. It’s supposedly tidier that way.

 Under is preferred by 30% of people and they’re more laid back, artistic and dependable.

Wikipedia discussion on loo paper is twice as long as that on Iraq War.

Apropos of which, in public loos which have stacks of paper in clear containers I reckon the roll turns more easily if the loose end is over rather than under the roll.

2 Responses to From love poems to loo paper

  1. Richard says:

    Not surprised that loo paper takes up more pages at Wikipedia than the Iraq War- it is one of those universal subjects that everyone has an opinion. Mottella had a post on this last month.
    We had a cleaner in the UK who put her mark by shaping a V just to show she had been there- very hotel like.
    To expand the subject- I was responsible in the 90’s for providing services to the Wanaka Airshow that included loos. We kept on running out of paper. We worked out that each person had used half a role. Impossible we concluded. Perhaps they were the same people who helped themselves at Pak’N’Save a few days ago. I just wonder how they cope with supplies for portaloos in Christchurch.

    Poems: This is a poem about love, death, someone who has gone. It was to be read at my funeral. My wife died before me so it was read at her funeral- The poet is a New Zealander, Adrienne Jansen. I recite it to myself frequently:

    “What is left to say?
    All the large words
    have been spoken.
    I’d take one of the
    smallest words, like love,
    wrap it in a warm breath,
    tie it with a knot of flax,
    and leave it, nonchalantly,
    on your papers.
    A small green leaf
    among the river stones.
    Don’t throw it out
    by accident, or crush it.
    Slip it in your pocket,
    where its touch
    might sometimes
    warm your fingers.”


  2. homepaddock says:

    Half a roll per person is a lot of paper unless everyone was suffering from a stomach bug.

    That is a beautiful poem thanks, Richard.


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