Surrounded by zombies

Is this a comment on the Labour caucus?

. . . Don’t think I want to replace my profile pic with Zombiegirl. Not the best look. Fun though. Am surrounded by zombies and I’m not in parliament!

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Am now being mudded and blooded #zombie
Y:  heheh… a bit like the labour caucus eh! :>

22 hours ago
Actually Y, unfortunately it’s a bit like politics in general.
For the benefit of certain colleagues who are snooty about these things and disapprove of me. Fantastic project and can’t wait for it to come out. Proud to have the final scene shot in SouthD


Zombies. Part 2: We have an important choice to make this year, we shldn’t be zombies and go with the flow. We are not the undead. We don’t have to be sucked in.
It’s from Dunedin South MP Clare Curran’s Facebook page.

3 Responses to Surrounded by zombies

  1. adam2314 says:

    Which lines did Clare Curran write ??

    A little more depth please.

    Be fair HP..


  2. homepaddock says:

    Sorry Adam, I thought it was clear that every entry except the one prefaced by Y: (Y: heheh… a bit like the labour caucus eh! :>) was written by her.


  3. PurpleSouth says:

    I agree with Adam2314 comment. I too believe that Labour needs a little more depth. If Curran is an example of an up and coming Labour front-bencher then I predict that Dunedin South will be won by National in 2011.


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