Two religions coincide or collide?

It’s Easter and it’s also Earth Day.

Christianity and the new religion coincide – or do they collide?


2 Responses to Two religions coincide or collide?

  1. […] Ele at Homepaddock reminds us that it is Earth Day. […]

  2. leftrightout says:

    You seem to be confused, ele.

    The 2 religions that colide here are the jews and their imitators, the xtians, stealing passover for their own. But then, almost everything in xtianity is stolen from other, earlier, religions.

    Seems that everyone was wrong, anyway, and that the actual date of the crucifixion can be fixed, thus ending the farce of the moveable feast.

    The Last Supper was on April Fools’ Day 33AD, thuis the crucifixion was on April 3.

    [Of course, the whole thing’s boloocks].

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