Labour doesn’t get it, National and the public do

Trans Tasman gets to the nub of Labour’s failure and National’s support:

Labour’s bigger problem is its failure to communicate a relevant message in the current political climate.

On the other side of the fence, Finance Minister Bill English reckons there hasn’t been a time in NZ’s recent history when the need for change in how the country is run has been more widely understood by the public. Get spending down, cut out waste, make the country more efficient, lift exports, start paying our way in the world again: it’s a simple plan which every household understands.

Rob Muldoon once said, “Most people wouldn’t recognise a deficit if they fell over it.”

Whether or not that was true at the time it certainly isn’t now.

There can’t be many people who don’t understand the dire state of the economy and the need for tough medicine to cure it.

We can’t keep spending more than we earn and the situation is sufficiently grave that a bit of tinkering won’t fix it.

Election year Budgets usually have a few sweeteners. The government has made it quite clear this one won’t – no more extra spending in total, increases in any areas will have to be matched by cuts in others.

National recognises the problem and has a solution. The public understands what they’re doing and why. 

Meanwhile on anotehr planet Labour is still talking of spending increases and tinkering with GST and that’s one of the reasons they’re not making traction.

They don’t get it but National and the public do.

2 Responses to Labour doesn’t get it, National and the public do

  1. JC says:

    Labour seemingly doesn’t get that the policy ground on which they are standing has liquefied and Socialism is for the moment a dead cat.

    The logical ground for them is to outflank National on the right and call for even more restraint and more cuts in the budget. This can be explained readily enough as needed to strengthen the economy sufficiently to support social objectives into the future.



  2. gravedodger says:

    Dame Margaret Thatcher said “the socialists do traditionally make a financial mess, then they run out of other peoples money don’t they, it’s quite charachteristic of them”.
    She said that some thirty years ago and finally significant numbers of the citizenry are realising the basic truth of her very astute observation, much to the chagrin of labour.


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