Labour doesn’t care about breaking law – again

If the three strikes law applied to breaking the law on campaigning then Labour would be well and truly out by now.

You’d think after the condemnation from across the political spectrum for previous breaches (pledge card anyone?) they’d be especially careful about sticking to the law this time.

But no, they’re using stop-sign look-alikes which are on or visible from the road.

Kiwiblog, Keeping  Stock , Whaleoil   and Roarprawn all posted on how this contravenes Land Transport Rules and Andrew Geddis pointed out it also contravenes the Electoral Act because there’s no promotor’s statement on them.

Whaleoil has also found Facebook entries which shows they’re going to carry on breaking the law with car stickers.

It’s bad enough that a party which is supposed to be one of the major ones doesn’t know the law as it applies to campaigning. Worse still is Phil Goff’s reaction:

Labour leader Phil Goff, who launched the campaign last week, said he didn’t know who within his party had put the signs up, “but if the council has a problem of course they can talk to whoever might have put them out”.

While the signs were modelled on stop signs “nobody’s going to mistake it as a stop sign, that’s just silly”. . .

. . .”We’ll keep using those signs. If the council’s got a problem we’ll listen to them of course, but nobody thinks they’re going to be a traffic hazard, that’s just nonsense.”

The leader of the second biggest party in parliament thinks law is silly and Labour is going to keep on ignoring it – that’s not a responsible stance for anyone let alone a party which is supposed to be a government in waiting.

Cactus Kate says Labour should stop the bad social media campaigns. The party should also stop thinking the law doesn’t apply to them.

A party which doesn’t know the law with a leader that doesn’t care about it can’t be trusted back into government where it can make the law.

4 Responses to Labour doesn’t care about breaking law – again

  1. Inventory2 says:

    Not much has changed since the fall of Helengrad then Ele. You’d think that Phil Goff, of all people, would have some insight into why New Zealanders so overwhelmingly rejected Labour in 2008, and why Labour is polling so poorly in 2011. The old saying that if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you always got holds true here.


  2. pdm says:

    Time for the new Police Commissioner to step in and make his mark.


  3. Seamonkey Madness says:

    Is anyone actually going to complain to the Electoral Commission? Otherwise all this talk about it will be for nothing.

    Strike while the iron is hot!


  4. adam2314 says:

    Seamonkey Madness @8:17pm..

    Why do you not complain ???.

    Easy to make bullets…

    Harder to load.. and even harder to pull the trigger..


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