Greenpeace protest all about publicity

An ODT editorial says that Greenpeace took the wrong option in its protest against the Petrobras seismic survey off the East Coast:

The target for protest action should be the promised legislation that, while it should not prevent oil and gas exploration, needs to be sufficiently robust to ensure the marine environment will be adequately protected and, should an accident occur, restored.

That is the challenge for Greenpeace and others. Raising fears when none are justified is tactically foolish – and most likely to backfire.

But influencing legislation wouldn’t get the publicity swimming in front of a ship did and publicity is what Greenpeace needs most.

It is a large international organisation that requires a lot of money to run.

That’s why they recruit, usually young, people to travel* round the country trying to recruit supporters. They’re set targets of the number to sign up each day and their pay is related to how well they do – just like other big businesses which use incentive payments.

It’s much easier to recruit workers and supporters when they’re in the headlines looking like they’re the little people against a big, evil corporation or government than it is formulating and presenting logical submissions to influence legislation.

*The vans they travel in aren’t usually self-contained, I hope they abide by the clean, green principles they preach and don’t freedom camp where there are no loos.

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