Now they want cheaper meat too

Complaints over the price of dairy produce are now being matched by moans over the price of meat.

The problem isn’t high prices, it’s low incomes.

The solution is economic growth and you don’t get that by hobbling export industries.

2 Responses to Now they want cheaper meat too

  1. leftrightout says:

    You’re right.

    You also don’t get it by having a Productivity Commission that enquires in to house prices, rather than how to lift productivity.

    How about a Productivity Commission that is interested in productivity?


  2. gravedodger says:

    The one major downside to being totally retired from livestock farming, being denied best quality meat at wholesale procurement price.
    Some of my family and mates do the odd “green dollar” trade and a neighbor who grazes our unwanted acres pays in kind otherwise it is pinch my nose and buy in bulk from wholesalers, eg Silver Fern Farms. Retail at a suburban Butcher is truly horrendous, but armed with the knowledge of what producers get, knowing the necessary margins and associated costs as the meat travels to the retail cabinet only has me sad for the purchaser who pays and the retailer who gets all the abuse.


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