Unions campaign against job opportunities

Unions have launched a campaign against job opportunities:

A union campaign has been launched opposing the extension of the 90-day trial period for new workers to all employers.

The trial period previously applied to businesses with fewer than 20 employees and the extension is among changes to the Employment Relations Act which takes effect on 1 April.

The amended act also requires unions to get permission from employers before entering workplaces and allow employers to ask workers to provide a medical certificate for a single day off sick.

In addition, employees will have the right to cash in their fourth week of holiday entitlement.

The 90-day trial period which has been available for smaller businesses hasn’t resulted in  mass sackings and it won’t when it is extended to all employers.

Recruitment and training are time consuming and expensive processes, no employer wants to go through it unless it’s absolutely necessary.

A trial period means it is possible to terminate employment without penalty if an employee isn’t up to the job or doesn’t fit in with the existing workforce.

This is not only better for employers, it’s better for existing employees whose jobs could be made more difficult or unpleasant by a workmate who doesn’t have the ability or attitude to do the job properly.

Three weeks holiday plus 11 statutory days off is more than enough for some people who might prefer the extra week’s pay instead. But the important point is that it is the workers’ choice.

The campaign slogan is  things just got tougher. They’ve got easier for employers and most employees. The only ones who will find it tougher are difficult employees and possibly unions which won’t find it quite so easy to wander in and out of workplaces.

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