Inappropriate is the appropriate word

Inappropriate is an often overused word but it is the appropriate one to apply to the most generous interpretation of the story which has resulted in Darren Hughes standing down from his positions of Labour Party whip and education spokesman.

Rob Hosking writes in the NBR:

The 32-year-old Otaki MP may not have broken any laws. But the picture his behaviour paints is hardly that of a diligent and seriously hard working MP. 

No charges have been laid, it is possible none will be and that the generous interpretation is the correct one.

But even if that turns out to be the case, the story has already damaged Hughes’ reputation and calls into question his judgement.

It is also adding to speculation on whether or not Phil Goff will lose the Labour  leadership before the election.

Hughes did the right thing by admitting he was the MP whose behaviour was being investigated which removed suspicion from his colleagues. But even so the personal damage from what appears to be at best inappropriate behaviour could result in equally serious political damage to his leader and party.

5 Responses to Inappropriate is the appropriate word

  1. Andrei says:

    I don’t know about you but thirty two year old men drinking with teenagers and taking them home in rhe early hours of the morning strikes me as sleazy beyond belief.

    People who do things like that should be held in utter contempt and we shouldn’t put up with them representing us in Parliament.


  2. pdm says:

    I have asked over at Red Alert if anyone can tell me the odds at iPredict for Labour getting less than 20% of the Party Vote on 26/11. They are on a slippery slope at the moment and if they replace Goff with Cunliffe it could be a `mud slide’.


  3. gravedodger says:

    Parker /Street is my pick and within two weeks.
    I will give Parker credence that his intelligence will tell him a lameduck tenure as leader of the opposition is a pinacle beyond his opportunities in normal times and any resulting disaster will not be of his making. In any case it will look very good on his CV. The looming disaster at the polls even if they perchance to get to the otherside of the house with a ragtag bunch of political opposites and egotistical nightmares to enable such an outcome, his apex will have been well and truly exceded and he will be free to walk away to a guilded future anywhere he wishes.


  4. homepaddock says:

    Andrei – I was writing only about the facts in the public arena. There are allegations which would justify the word sleazy but they are only allegations and I’m following the innocent until proven guilty principle.

    PDM – I’d like to think you’re right but I’m not that optimistic.

    GD – Not sure that combination would have much voter appeal but I’m more than a wee bit biased.


  5. Andrei says:

    Everything I stated is a fact within the public arena, Ele. I didn’t allege anything.


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