Open and closed

Today isn’t Otago Anniversary Day – that’s a couple of days away on the 23rd.

That is the date on which the John Wickliffe arrived in Port Chalmers with the first settlers.

But our provincial holiday is a nominated day which means people can choose to take it today, the closest Monday to the actual date, or any other day they see fit.

Some businesses observe today, some prefer to tack an extra day’s holiday on to Easter and some take it on another day.

That means confusion reigns today. Government agencies, council offices, banks, shops and other businesses with which we might want to interact will be open and some will be closed today, the Tuesday after Easter and whichever other day they choose.

Had the captain of the John Wickliffe been able to foresee the confusion the date of his ship’s arrival would cause, he might have chosen a better one – but which would that be?

One Response to Open and closed

  1. Pdogge says:

    Easy HP, Monday (knowing what he knows now) and of course Tauranga 🙂


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