No frills, no fluff, just news

TV3 has started broadcasting early morning news again, no frills, no fluff, just news.

I like that in theory but it doesn’t fit my with morning routine in practice.

Television has pictures which mean you need to look at them at least some of the time and that’s not easy to do when doing other things which need to be done at that hour of day.

And when the pictures are rarely more than the faces of the interviewer and interviewee there’s not a great deal of difference between that and radio.

TV1’s morning business half hour is similar to TV3’s new morning news and both are much better than the chit chat and advertisements which take up most of the time on TV1’s Breakfast programme.

But if I’m not looking at the pictures I might as well be listening to the radio.

One Response to No frills, no fluff, just news

  1. scrubone says:

    Yes, the radio is the thing for me too. Have never seen the point of breakfast TV. But I must admit that recently I have been catching up with tv3 for about 20min in the morning.


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