Blue & Gold with Red & Black

Matches in any sport between teams from the right side of the Waitaki and Mainlanders from the other side are different.

It’s a bit like family. We’ll support each other against anyone else but the rivalry when it’s one of us playing the other is extra keen.

The good start the Highlanders have made to the season and the Christchurch earthquake have ensured a good crowd at Carisbrook when they meet the Crusaders tonight.

I won’t go so far as to say I’ll be cheering for the red and black team, my heart will as always be with the blue and golds. But tonight more than any other time I’ve watched a team from my side of the Waitaki against another, I really won’t mind which one wins.

Tonight it’s not blue and gold against but with red and black.

2 Responses to Blue & Gold with Red & Black

  1. Fredinthegrass says:

    For once Hp, I find myself disagreeing with you.
    -‘tonight its not blue and gold against but with red and black’-
    This game was a simple sporting match with the winner taking the spoils – incidently I support the Blue and Gold (unless they are playing the Hurricanes) –
    and it is a small window when the horrors are forgotten and the sport is the focus.
    To mix it with the emotions of recent events is the view of a bystander. An event may be used as motivation during pre-match talk, but in my experience as a player the moment you run on to the field the ‘battle’ is the focus, and it is only after the game that this focus abates and the reality returns.


  2. homepaddock says:

    Fair point Fred. I was thinking from a fan’s perspective but teams always play to win.


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