Typewriter talent

Happy birthday Jerry Lewis, 85 today.

That’s very funny to someone like me who learned to type on a portable typewriter and battled with an ancient monstrosity when I first started work. It was a well known brand, familiar in newspaper offices but I’ve forgotten what it was.

People younger than mid 20s may not understand what he’s doing.

6 Responses to Typewriter talent

  1. pdm says:


  2. leftrightout says:

    Newspaper? A Triumph-Adler or Remington, unless it was an Olympia.

    Stop rewinding my years – it doesn’t seem that long ago that I was selling typewriters

  3. homepaddock says:

    I think it was an Imperial or an Olympia.Thanks for jogging my memory.

  4. leftrightout says:

    Yeah, just wish you hadn’t jogged mine … 😦

    I was selling typewriters in the early 1970’s, then almost overnight, a whole industry ceased to exist. My daughter was born a few years after the typewriter market collapsed and she cannot remember a time when we didn’t have a computer in the house.

    One industry died, another was born.

  5. homepaddock says:

    I first came across word processors in my first real job in 1979 but because of an agreement with unions journalists could only use them for proofreading.

    We typed on to paper which went down to printers who retyped the stories on word proceesors then a printer or journalist would proof read them.

  6. gravedodger says:

    Ah those wonderful union rules they seem so comical today.
    My first efforts were on an old imperial portable that was in storage as redundant in the 50s at college. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog ” was it not.
    Really envy the students of today with their typ sorry, make that keyboard skill levels.

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