Many happies North & South

The ag-sag had well and truly hit us in 1986.

We’d cut out luxuries and reassessed what were necessities. Magazines were definitely in the former category but a friend mentioned the launch of a new magazine – North and South.

I looked, I bought, I read and was hooked. My farmer and I gave each other a subscription for combined birthday and Christmas presents and we’ve kept on renewing it ever since.

The magazine quakcly earned a reputation for the quality of its  journalism and nothing in my working life gave me as much of a thrill as seeing stories I’d written published in it.

Founding editor Robyn Langwell had high standards and was rewarded with loyal readers whose judgement was backed up by the more than 200 awards North and South and its staff won in the 22 years she was in charge.

The March edition which celebrates the magazine’s 25th anniversary tells its story and looks aback on some of the people and issues which it has featured in its first quarter century.

Few people had computers when North and South was launched and there was much less competition for discretionary dollars. In spite of this it has respectable sales of 29,000 and a readership of around 300,000.

That increase from sales to readers seems high but our copies are passed among family and staff before being taken to the hospital so each magazine we buy is easily read by more than 10 people.

I don’t always read the magazine from cover to cover as I used to. But I still get enough enjoyment and satisfaction from it to justify continuing the subscription and look forward to the second 25 years of good education, entertainment and inspiration.

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