Christchurch down not out

Several people have told me if the conference I’m helping to organise in May is held in Christchurch as scheduled they won’t be going.

My response is that’s unfortunate. The original venue, the Latimer Hotel, won’t be open for 12 months but we have booked an alternative venue and intend to use it.

Fundraising is an important way to help Christchurch rebuild but supporting its businesses is even better and holding the conference there will do that.

The city is down but not out. We can build on the harm the earthquake did by staying away, or – when it is safe and practical to do so – we can go there and do our small bits to help the recovery.

Any city which can, by helping itself and with assistance from outside, make the transformation shown in the video deserves support:

One Response to Christchurch down not out

  1. gravedodger says:

    I think thats the attitude the City needs.
    If scheduled events and in fact any visits that can occur without impacting on the recovery needs then those activities that are using unaffected and/or recovering businesses need to stay on track to get confidence, normality, turnover, employment and the associated spinoffs back to something resembling normal as soon as possible.
    The New Zealand Motorcaravan Association is continuing with its long planned Annual National Rally at the Canterbury Agricultural Park complex this Easter. Only self contained vehicles can take part and the Rally will have little “consumption” needs of the infrastructure and with the park on a relatively undamaged part of the western city the positives certainly outweigh the negatives. A possible influx of 1000 vehicles and over 2000 people who have made long standing bookings for travel and scheduling will give the people of CHC a boost of personal and business activity that must be good for the continuing growth of the return to normality that we all need so desperately.
    As regards the RWC if the restoration of the stadium does not cause a significant diversion of the limited resources then again we should continue on track with perhaps a Cruise ship in Lyttleton to compensate for the necessary accommodation shortfall but only if such a shortage can in fact be proved. The accommodation options of surrounding centers may or may not be fully booked. I know for a fact that here in Akaroa we have a significant number of “beds” only 80 minutes from Lancaster Park that are normally very under-utilised at that time of the year.
    I am aware that parts of the City are totally devastated but the undamaged parts and the surrounding areas need the hope of a return to something resembling normality now.
    Spent a couple of days in Hanmer last week and the accommodation, commercial, semi commercial and private are fully utilised as is Akaroa and I assume other “second home” locations giving “refugees some time away from the City or in some cases just somewhere safe, dry and warm while they sort out their personal chaos.
    I for one think you, Ele and your meeting are correct to continue with your amended plans, a good call imo.

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