Thursday’s quiz

1. Who said: Science is the great antidote to the poison of enthusiasm and superstition.”?

2. Which three arts are represented in Timeless Land and who are the three artists?

3. It’s inodoro or servicios in Spanish and whare paku in Maori, what is it in English? 

4. What does a galactometer measure?  It’s also called a lactometer.

5. What is CaCo3 and for which agricultural product is it a main ingredient?

5 Responses to Thursday’s quiz

  1. david winter says:

    I guess I’ll get things started with my usual middling performance 😉

    1) See, even when the quotes fall into my usual areas of expertise I can’t get them! It must be relatively old to be using ‘enthusiasm’ as a synonym for fanaticism and probably relatively new to be talking about ‘science’ rather than ‘natural philosophy’ so…. Faraday?

    2) pass

    3) That’s the toilet

    4) Presumably they measure the amount/concentration of galactose and lactose (both sugars) respectively? Like a hydrometer?

    5) Its… calcium carbonate which can turn up as limestone, chalk or marble depending on what happens to it once it hits the sea floor. In the Waitaki you have those lovely greensands made up of plankton skeletons from the time your land (and almost all of NZ) was under a vast calm ocean. I think lime is used to balance overly acidic pastures.

  2. Andrei says:

    1) Adam Smith
    2) beats me
    3) the toilet
    4)its a specilized hydrometer foe measuring milk density
    5) Calcium carbonate – used to make lime which reduces the acidity of soil

  3. Bearhunter says:

    1. I don’t know but it sounds like it could be GB Shaw. (Normally when I don’t know, I go for Mark Twain or Oscar Wilde, on the basis that they have apparently said everything. But this doesn’t sound like either.)

    2. Paintings of Central Otago and it’s by Graham Sydney and …errr, two mates who work in probably poetry and photography?

    3. In English? Well, the loo, bog, cludgie, longdrop, WC, crapper, jacks, jakes….

    4. It’s a hydrometer for milk, so it measures the specific gravity of said liquid.

    5. Calcium carbonate and it’s used to alter the pH of soil.

  4. gravedodger says:

    1 Pass
    2 “The Timeless Land” is an historicle novel by Elenor Dark that relates the European settlement of Australia from the perspective of the settler and the native. I assume the name has been used for some art show that I am unaware of. Hence another Pass.
    3 What every woolshed and many farm buildings had in my youth “long drop” toilet For the Maori Whare Paku or Wharepaku. I assume the spanish is for toilet but unsure as to system so described.
    4 measures the “specific gravity” of milk ie its weight compared to water in an equal volume giving an estimation of the content and therefore the value and quality. Cream has a lower “sg” hence in a natural state the cream rises when allowed to settle and also allows the seperation in the centrifugal force of the “seperator” that I had to crank as a lad and then dissasemble and wash, allow to dry then reassemble for the next milking.
    5 Calcium Carbonate the sedimmentary rock that is the predominant rock of Nth Otago, “Oamaru Stone” a very soft stone able to be carved, squared for building blocks or crushed and spread coarse on driveways and tracks, or fine on farmland to raise the Ph or alkinaity to encourage different pasture species and crops eg legumes.
    Limestone manifests as rockformations throughout NZ as uplifts have raised it from the seabed and has spawned quarries that have entered the placenames of our land. Oamaru, Mt Somers, Whiterock, Hatuma, Mauriceville, Omihi, Amberley, Amuri, Springfield to name a few, These pits contributed to a massive growth in the productivity of the NZ pasture from the middle of last century getting a big boost from the cheap trucks that were available from the war effort 39/45. My first encounter with the rock was on the side of the road at “Marble Point” in the Waiau Gorge,a much harder form of the rock, but a very pretty pink and polished to quite a smooth surface.

  5. adam2314 says:

    1. Pass.
    2. Pass.
    3. Toilet.
    4. For measuring milk. ( Lacto being the clue ).
    5. Calcium Carbonate. Spread as lime on paddocks and roads.

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