Colin Meads’ jersey could be yours

The All Blacks returned from a tour in 1957 to play, and lose  11- 9,  against Canterbury.

The All Black No 8 in that game was Colin Meads. He’s put the jersey he wore  up for auction on the Farming Show with the money from the winning bid going to the Canterbury earthquake appeal.

Dick Taylor spoke about the idea on the Farming Show on Tuesday and Sir Colin added to the story yesterday.

Jamie Mackay opened bidding at $1,000 yesterday and it had got up to $2,700 when the show finished at midday.

If you want to bid: Text 5009.  Put FS [space] your bid, name and where you’re from.

UPDATE: the highest bid is now $5,000.

4 Responses to Colin Meads’ jersey could be yours

  1. robertguyton says:

    Colin Mead’s jersey could be yours

    But in receiving it, the jersey would be yours and no longer Colin’s.
    Practically worthless (unless you are Colin!).

    Or do you mean that Colin has one of my jerseys?
    Should I claim it back?


  2. homepaddock says:

    “Practically worthless (unless you are Colin!).”

    Not if you’re a fan.

    Although the ownership would change, the history of the jersey wouldn’t and that is what would give it its value.

    Besides, it’s not just the jersey but the money for the cause.


  3. gravedodger says:

    Bit steep for me but remember the game well as a lad who knew Canterbury could beat the world. A wee schoolboy who after watching the great D B Clarke miss a kick that would have won the game at fulltime for the ABs was excitedly leaping with sheer joy with his cap off and chewing gum. I think the leaping and screaming were acceptable but the cap and the gum gained two strokes of the cane but even administered some two hours later there was absolutely no pain or humiliation just a minor hiccup to end an awesome day in the history of the Red And Blacks. Thanks a bunch B B Harrison, the prefect, dont remember who administered the strokes, some nonentity of a housemaster who was but a shadow in the bright light of the warriors of Canterbury.


  4. My grandfather (You probably knew him Gravedodger) was the masseur for the ‘All Black’ team that toured France in 1930-something, maybe, perhaps, can’t quite remember and gave us grandchildren a signed ball and jersey from that tour, along with all sorts of memorabilia.
    I used to wear the jersey at rugby practice when I was a boy – yikes!


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