Not quite everywhere, man

Monday: home – Oamaru – home, twice.

Tuesday: home – Christchurch- home.

Wednesday: home – Ashburton.

Thursday: Ashburton – Christchurch – Auckland -Christchurch – home.

Friday: home – Invercargill.

Saturday: Invercargill – Wanaka.

Monday: Wanaka – Alexandra -Invercargill.

Tuesday: Invercargill – home.

Thursday: home – Oamaru -home – Dunedin.

Friday: Dunedin – Mandeville – Wanaka.

Saturday; Wanaka – Queenstown – Wanaka.

Sunday: Wanaka – home.

Monday: home – Dunedin – home.

Yesterday & today: home, all day.

3 Responses to Not quite everywhere, man

  1. raymond a francis says:

    And I thought I was in traveling mod
    Presently in Taranaki looking at a picture perfect mountain as I type
    On the home turn soon though

    Check Kiwiblog for to-days local editorial on Mr Little and his 4 hats

  2. bulaman says:

    And I thought I had the carbon foot print of a Pachyderm!

  3. ihstewart says:

    Hell I am worn out from reading it.

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