Baking treasury is a treasure

When I’m given book vouchers I like to use them to buy a book which reminds me of the person who gave them to me.

When I came across  A Treasury of New Zealand Baking I knew I’d found the perfect way to redeem birthday gift vouchers.

They were given to me by my best friend’s mother and many of my childhood memories are grounded in her kitchen with the aroma of fresh baking filling the air.

She’s now in her 80s and still bakes regularly for her family, friends and the many charitable organisations in which she’s involved.

The book is a collection of recipes from New Zealand professional cooks and bakers. Edited by Lauraine Jacobs with photos by Aaron McLean, it was produced as a fundraiser for the Breast Cancer Foundation and is a treasure trove of delicious treats.

It includes old favourites – bran biscuits, banana cake, eccles cakes and mumbles;  fresh delights – aporo treat, blueberry sour cream slice, and tamarillo friands; and new twists on traditional recipes – fruity Anzac biscuits and ginger shortbread.

Recipes are clearly set out one to a page and each is accompanied by a photo.

Sometimes I buy a recipe book, salivate over the photos but rarely if ever cook from it. I do pour over the baking treasury with my mouth watering but I also use it and haven’t had a failure.

I’m not alone in appreciating this gem. Beattie’s Book Blog reports it has been judged the  best cookbook in the world, in the  prestigious 2010 Gourmand Awards. It was also proclaimed to be the best ‘Fund Raising, Charity and Community Cookbook’ in the Pacific.

3 Responses to Baking treasury is a treasure

  1. Richard says:

    Yes, a wonderful book. Not that I bake- but the smells come off the page, just like other recipes in the Edmonds Cookbook. And I’m a man. Contrast these two books with Annabel Langbein’s latest+ her awful cringe-making,-free of advertising, TV series, there are no takers.
    Cannot understand why AB’s books are so popular, everything she provides is very basic, if you are interested in cooking. AL was nominated as a possible GG- where are we going in this country?

    Very happy to forgo the BBQ and get on and cook and present the more interesting stuff – but perhaps not a sponge for desserts; men have their limits


  2. homepaddock says:

    Nothing wrong with basic, Richard – my family would starve if I couldn’t do basic!

    I didn’t watch the TV series but have the book which came with it. I admit I haven’t cooked from it yet, but our daughter used it for a delicious ravioli dish for our dinner on Monday.


  3. pdm says:

    We do basic at home – especially when I am in charge of the stove.

    mrs pdm regularly relates a debate she had with some of her younger staff a couple of years ago who did not believe that she could produce about four or five different basic meals from mince. They had been whining about the price of meat.


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