WordPress still inaccessible for some

Andrei at NZ Conservative is finding that yesterday’s problem accessing WordPress blogs is still going on.

The cause of the problem is DDoS attacks (which is beyond my limited understanding of technology to explain).

I can’t get my own or any other WordPress blogs on my phone but haven’t found any problems accessing any of them on my home computer of my farmer’s and my laptops.

I can also read updated RSS feeds of posts from WordPress blogs on Google Reader.

Not everyone is having access problems. There haven’t been many comments this weekend but the number of visitors is slightly ahead of the number last Saturday and Sunday.

17 Responses to WordPress still inaccessible for some

  1. Inventory2 says:

    No problems here Ele; I’ve logged in both on IE and Firefox, and both are working.


  2. adam2314 says:

    Testing .. Testing.. Is this working ??.

    Just to let you know HP. I feel aggrieved at only getting half a point for missing Churchill..

    There were actually four ( 4 ) Never’s missing in your quotation.

    Winstone Spencer Churchill was a hero when I was raised..
    Therefore so many of his quotations were regular feed.

    You asked for three ( 3 )..
    I gave three ( 3 ) inwardly mumbling to myself..
    Missing the word Churchill.

    BUT !!.. The ref is always right.. :-)))

    Thanks and keep those questions coming..


  3. adam2314 says:

    I think :-))

    Beginning to doubt my own sanity these days..


  4. homepaddock says:

    Curiouser & curiouser, I2 – some can and some can’t.

    You’re right Adam – it was four nevers. Have a bonus.


  5. MacDoctor says:

    A Denial of Service attack is when some moron with a lot of computers (usually controlled by a Trojan or virus) sends a large volume of requests to the victim site, thus preoccupying the site’s servers.

    Interestingly, I’ve had no problem accessing your site at all. Perhaps the WordPress servers give preference to Safari.


  6. adam2314 says:

    So !!.. Should all those that only gave three ..

    Be reduced ?? :-))

    Still testing .. just to help maybe ..


  7. It’s back, I am fairly certain that it was ISP related whether or not you could come here.

    I assume ranges of IP addresses were blocked and if your IP fell within that range it was a no go.


  8. homepaddock says:

    Adam – I left gaps for only three nevers so I can’t take points from people who gave only three – but if I’d given myself a point I’d have taken it away again for carelessness.

    McD and OW – thanks for the information but my phone still tells me there’s a data connectivity problem, the server failed to communicate, the page might be temporarily down . . .


  9. Richard says:

    Ele, Accessing your site via a proxy. The clue came from this site
    It suggests the ISP – in my case xtra/telecom might be the problem


  10. homepaddock says:

    Welcome back Richard.

    I’ve got a Telecom phone which can’t get WordPRess sites but had no problems with the laptop using a Telecom T-stick.


  11. ihstewart says:

    I have no problem from my PC, explorer but my Mac, safari has only just managed to connect this afternoon.


  12. Richard says:

    Go to this site
    Not going to be resolved quickly,I suspect


  13. Cadwallader says:

    Finally back. Couldn’t raise you on Microsoft or Mac.


  14. homepaddock says:

    Phone still can’t get access.


  15. Andrei says:

    Its actually coming and going – its ok now but wasn’t this morning.

    This seems to be a Telecom thing – the problem is sourced from China apparently and perhaps can be forestalled if certain routers are blocked by WordPress.

    Since its not universal you would guess this mitigation is working, though at the cost to us if we try and access via the “bad” routers.


  16. Hi Richard interesting, my Mac at work is with telecom and at home I am with slingshot for the PC, that would tend to suggest it is a telecom issue. I kept an eye on Ele’s blog today and the problem seems to be intermittent.


  17. Richard says:

    Try it now- seems to be “unblocked” as are other wordpress blogs.


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