Members of the Farmy Army were moved by the plight of many of victims of the Christchurch earthquake they helped and the gratitude they received from almost all of  those they helped.

Although one group came across a notable exception.

When the volunteers entered a silt-covered property they found about half a dozen adults lounging on a trampoline drinking.

“About time someone turned up to clean up the mess,” one said before returning his attention to his beer can.

Tempted as they were to ask why these apparently able-bodied adults  hadn’t at least started to clean up themselves, the volunteers bit their tongues, dug in and moved the silt.

They then went next door where the property owners had tried to help themselves and were very grateful that others had come to lend a hand.

5 Responses to Gratitude

  1. robertguyton says:

    Trampolinists! The most arrogant of all athletes!


  2. I doubt I would have been able to bite my tongue. In fact I an amazed they bothered to help I would have thought heading next door would have sent a better message.


  3. Chris Bird says:

    I wouldn’t have been able to hold my tongue either. I would have told the lazy b……s to get off their asses and help. I probably just moved on next door and left them to it!!


  4. Sally says:

    IMHO the Farmy Army has sent the wrong message to these beings.


  5. Hollyfield says:

    I’m with Hamish, Chris and Sally.


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