Christchurch earthquake appeal goes global

Prime Minister John Key has launched a global appeal for the Christchurch earthquake recovery effort.

“It’s vital we reach as many people throughout the world as possible who want to help. This isn’t just New Zealand’s tragedy – the February 22 earthquake affected countless people internationally.

 “Like all Cantabrians and fellow New Zealanders, I have been humbled by the offers of help and assistance pouring in from individuals, organisations and governments around the world. This new Appeal gives people another means of donating to the people of Christchurch and the recovery effort.

 Mr Key said the Appeal was designed to complement those already established, such as the funds organised by the Red Cross and the Salvation Army.

 “It’s my intention that the Government will work alongside these organisations to make sure the funds are used in the best possible way.”

Mr Key said New Zealand government departments at home and around the world would be throwing their weight behind the Appeal. 

“This Appeal will have global reach, with our network of diplomatic posts able to reach millions of people world-wide.

“I am also pleased to announce that the proceeds raised for the earthquake recovery from Saturday’s special Lotto draw will go directly to the Appeal,” said Mr Key.

 Mr Key praised several organisations which had donated their time and expertise in order to get the Appeal up and running.

“Westpac has worked tirelessly with Clemenger BBDO, Direct Payment Solutions and AIM Proximity to turn the Appeal into a reality in a very short space of time. Facebook has also helped its users engage in the initiative, which gives the Appeal a truly international flavour.”

Mr Key also thanked Colenso BBDO and Run the Red, both of which worked with Westpac on the Appeal website and text message donation service respectively.

 “I’d also like to thank New Zealand’s other retail banks, which are working with Westpac on the Appeal.”

 Mr Key said he was encouraging New Zealanders to give generously to Christchurch.

 “Every little bit helps – every donation, no matter how small, will be welcomed.”

 Donations can be made at

 Telecom, Vodafone and 2 Degrees mobile customers can text chch to 933 to make an automatic $3 donation.

 Donations can also be made via internet banking, or at any branch of New Zealand’s retail banks, by depositing into account number 03-0251-0039807-00.

More information on the gloabl appeal can be found on Facebook.

Fonterra has arranged for shareholders to donate from their milk cheques and will match those donations and any from its staff dollar for dollar up to $1 million, on top of the $1 million donated last week.

A newsletter from chairman Henry van der Heyden on Friday said shareholders and staff had already donated $260,ooo which with the company’s matching donation meant more than half a million dollars had been given.

4 Responses to Christchurch earthquake appeal goes global

  1. adam2314 says:

    I think that Christchurch residents will now be very thankful that Kiwi’s have always been at the fore-front donating to appeals from any where.. For deserving victims….

    As always we have punched above our weight in this field….

    Giving.. From our hearts..

    I just hope that the people of Christchurch do not feel any shame.. Receiving ..

    It is being sent to YOU in the same vein as your giving..

    Walk on.. Walk on.. With hope in your hearts..


  2. gravedodger says:

    The leadership of John Key and (Sir) Bob Parker along with the very considerable support cast of,John Carter Min CD, Gerry Brownlie Quake Min, Supt David Cliff, Mr Meates of CDHB Glen Cockburn of St John, the USAR controller whose name escapes me, Mr Hamilton National CD controller, along with the support of all the faceless troops who have been at the coal face is an outstanding tribute to what it actually means to be a New Zealander. It makes one proud and humble when I think of how this tragedy has gone global and the ongoing acts of selfless service from the many, a large segment of whom are just volunteers doing their bit.
    We have been and still are being, very very well served.

    On a lessor note, why, when those charged with the safety of all those involved, begged those who were so inclined to refrain from “touring” the disaster to keep distraction and unwanted traffic movement to a minimum, did the EX Prime Minister show up for her very own special “rubberneck” tour, is she just a ghoul or what. I accept the Mr Goff and possibly Mr Cosgrove with their obvious very great need to try and achieve some traction from this (an event that could take the current govt even higher in the estimation of the electorate) need to have first hand knowledge but the late unlamented and widely rejected Ms Clarke, no way. Is this the first step in the comeback or did she come to assess the needs of the latest addition to the third world that she and her history lecturer created, for some largess from the UN. I cant believe for a single minute she came because she actually cared.
    Still I guess some people will do anything for a photo op and a sycophantic bunch of repeaters creamed them selves to oblige her.


  3. homepaddock says:

    Adam – I hope those who need help understand that it helps others to know that they are doing something useful.

    GD – The restraint shown by politicians is absolutely how it should be. Any politicing would do no good for the people in need and great harm to the reputation of the person doing it.


  4. […] Christchurch earthquake appeal goes global ( […]


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