Is XT working properly yet?

Alcatel-Lucent, which designed telecom’s XT network has been employed to find out if it’s working properly.

We still have concerns with it.

When we were in Wanaka over Christmas/New Year my farmer’s phone and mine kept disconnecting mid call even when the display showed full reception.

I have an XT t-stick for my computer and it kept losing reception and/or disconnecting too.

I suspect that means the system can’t cope with the population influx.

We haven’t had any problems with phones in Wanaka since then but computer connection, in Wanaka and other places, while better is not 100% reliable.

We also both find that coverage for our XT phones isn’t as good as it was with the old system. There’s always been a black spot between the Otematata saddle and Omarama but anywhere else in the Waitaki Valley used to be okay.  It’s not with XT phones which go in and out of reception in several other places in the valley and other places between home and Christchurch and throughout Otago and Southland where we used to have no problems.

The system has got over its initial problems and is certainly working better than it was but there’s still room for improvement.

3 Responses to Is XT working properly yet?

  1. scrubone says:

    Well, I still have my CDMA phone and it works just fine. I guess I’ll stick with it a bit longer.


  2. gravedodger says:

    My tech knowledge is minimal and I guess I subscribe to the theory my dad held when nz converted to decimals,”why couldn’t they wait til all the old buggers are dead”.

    We were pretty early on to the old 025 network as it gave reasonable coverage on our hillcountry farm in the Wairarapa for safety and convenience.
    When we returned south subsequent phones 025 then 027 gave reasonable coverage but I am not very enthusiastic about the closing off of the cdma system.
    We keep our mobile home at McLeans Island about 5 Kms west of Harewood Airport and cdma coverage is very patchy and the xt stick will not connect and that is within 15 Kms of Cathedral square.
    As we travel around the SI coverage is abysmal and there is a coverage map that Telecom produce that confirms this. During a complaint call to telecom following several nights of camping in very populated areas along SH1 with no coverage for the Tstick, I suggested that the coverage Mr Renyolds enjoyed at the Greenstone while fly fishing was staged the operator assured me it was not, my reply included words along the lines of “well bully for him”.
    One explanation offered is that as the XT network is expanded they have had to reduce the strengths of the cdma connection points to reduce interference. That appears to be born out by the vast reduction in service on little Bro’s holding in the Amuri. Ten years ago coverage was denied in very few places, mainly in deep gullies etc, now I have to climb out onto ridges or peaks to get coverage.
    Another small fact a geek revealed to me recently is that the xt coverage has the ability to shrink its coverage area as volume builds to maintain secure connection to those closer to their connection point which would possibly account for the behavior of the network in Wanaka at New Year. As coverage crashed spectacularly on sept 4th when I needed my phone on call in first response but after contacting Telecom they rejigged my phone to access an emergency priority system.
    My 027 phone still has better coverage than the tstick (XT) so unless there is a major extension of XT in the next 12 months or so it is only going to get worse.


  3. Fredinthegrass says:

    Currently enjoying a coffee in Coromandel where xt is fine.
    3 kms out of town at Long Bay where the caravan is xt is nowhere to be found.
    Vodafone works.
    At home near Marton xt is marginal and Vodafone is not around.
    Telecom could throw more money at xt, .and we would all be alot happier.
    Then pigs might fly too!

    Love your opening para. Gd!


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