On Wednesday I wrote a post asking why use wheat for ethanol when there’s a shortage of food?

I concluded it by saying,  could it be a Green plot to reduce world population by starving people to death?

Robert Guyton understandably took exception to that and responded with mad cow in the homepaddock (which was later revised to mad comments from the home paddock).

I write a lot of posts in advance. That posts keep appearing doesn’t mean I’m sitting in front of the computer and even if I am checking this blog I might not have time to read others.

Real life has taken priority  in the last couple of days so I only caught up with Robert’s post and the comments on it last night.

I then re-read my post and realised how stupid the final comment was. I meant it as hyperbole and was referring not to the Green Party but the eco-extremists who have talked about population control as a planet-saving measure.

However, that wasn’t what I wrote and although I have now corrected it that will be too late for the people who were upset by it.

I was wrong, I’m sorry and I apologise unreservedly.


I will take more care in future but if I get something wrong it’s much easier for me to correct it if you let me know with a comment on the offending post which I’d usually see within a few hours than on another blog which I might not read for days, if at all.

7 Responses to Apology

  1. robertguyton says:

    And clearly I owe you an apology Ele, for the inappropriate title of my post. There were plenty of people telling me that it was a poor choice of description and that you were an honourable woman. My efforts to scrub the words from the cyber-page didn’t work, you’ll not be surprised to learn. You can see that I don’t lightly accept slurs on the Greens, nor do I always think before I jump 🙂

  2. Deborah says:

    I think most of us make a mistake at some stage with our blogging. The grown-ups acknowledge it, and apologise, sincerely, with none of the weasily ‘but’ apologies, exactly as you have done here. I don’t always agree with your views, Ele, but I do have a great deal of respect for you, which is increased by this post.

  3. ihstewart says:

    I am well to your left Ele and I just laughed and assumed you were indulging in a bit of satire. I think that Robert over reacted. As DPF has pointed out to me we on the left often don’t have much of a sense of humor, shame that.

  4. homepaddock says:

    Thanks Robert – although the headline amused rather than offended me because the Blood Service is concerned I might be a mad cow.

    I was in Britain in the early 80s. Although I mostly lived on tinned tomatoes and rarely if ever ate beef, they don’t want my blood in case I’m carrying mad cow disease.

    I appreciate your comment too Deborah – the respect is mutual even though we don’t always agree on issues.

    I’m pleased you laughed IH but others didn’t and I really do regret writing what I did.

  5. Inventory2 says:

    Honour is satisfied, and that reflects well on everyone. This exchange has been a lesson to all of us who dip our toes into the blogosphere to think before we publish!

  6. Cadwallader says:

    I don’t think you were especially under an obligation to apologise for hyperbole. Exaggeration sometimes serves to make a valid point. All players in the political world resort to it occasionally…including the Greens!

  7. HP, you are far too gentle and kind.
    I have just followed up overseas commentary noting the links between eco-fascists and German Nazis!
    Pop over to my place for a look.
    Their belief in catastrophic AGW theory is telling.

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