Labour wants power with the politicians

Labour has confirmed it will work with Winston Peters if he gets back into parliament.

Phil Goff says no one in caucus asked him to rule out working with the New Zealand First leader Winston Peters, should he be returned to Parliament.

Mr Goff says the caucus is unanimous in its position on any post-election coalition deals.

Labour will make its decisions after the election in November on the basis of compatibility and policies that it wants to pursue for all New Zealanders.

In other words if you vote for Labour you’re voting for a pig in a poke and will get whatever deal the party needs to cobble together to get into government.

This gives the power to the politicians.

National, by contrast, has given the power to the people.

John Key has ruled out working with Peters so voters know where they stand – they can have a National-led government without him or a Labour-led one with him.

5 Responses to Labour wants power with the politicians

  1. Rimu says:

    National, by contrast, has given the power to the people.

    Super City. ECan. Almost continious use of urgency in the house.

    That’s all you need to rebut that bizarre statement


  2. gravedodger says:

    Rimu you completely confuse management with governance.

    The supercity was formed to unite the competing interests of four major cities and parts of rural district administrations that shared much of the necessary infrastructure but with competing interests as to developing that infrastructure. There was stagnation, duplication, and haphazard responses that caused major dislocation, inefficiencies, confusion and procrastination.

    In the sad case of Ecan, after 19 years of no progress in forming and implementing a coherent water plan they had zilch, nada, absolute zero to show for their efforts in the most important and challenging area for the growth of their area, environmentally, economically and socially.

    Urgency in the house comes as a direct result of the adversarial system of governance where the politics nearly always precludes progress in creating a way forward hence the unanimity in passing the emergency legislation to deal with the aftermath of the Sept 4th Earthquake.

    The current leader of the misnamed NZ First party has three times demonstrated his complete inability to work constructively in government when his outsized ego causes him to attempt to “wag the dog”. He only lasted so long in the Clarke Government because his was the vote that kept Ms Clarke in power. John Key is absolutely right to allow the people to decide if they want the unemployed little man from St Mary’s Bay back in government and it is a shame that Mr Goff lacks the political cajones to do likewise.
    The duplicitous ego driven little crook (where is the $158 000 stolen from the tax payers) is totally unfit for public office and anyone prepared to use his vote to govern demonstrates his similar unfitness.
    The odious little man is living proof of the major weakness of MMP where a person unable to gain the electoral support in the cauldron of an electorate campaign to get to the House of representatives can march in by convincing 5% of the national vote many of who demonstrate their unsuitability for that simple task by supporting such a charlatan.


  3. KG says:

    “National, by contrast, has given the power to the people.”
    What power, to which people?


  4. homepaddock says:

    KG – the power to the voters. Instead of voting blind then having the parties do deals after the election, we know that National will not do a deal with Peters.


  5. pdm says:

    `The duplicitous ego driven little crook’.

    GD I just love that phrase in the context you have used it.


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