Kiwiblog 1 – troll 0

Not being one of the most popular blogs in the country has some advantages,  among which is being mercifully unworried by trolls and mad comments.

I don’t always agree with what people say in comments but I rarely have reason to remonstrate with them on the way they say it.

Last week, for the first and I hope last time, I deleted a comment without explanation because it was a personal attack on someone else, dripping in vitriol and full of baseless asertions.

The person who left it took the hint and hasn’t returned.

David Farrar  has many more visitors to Kiwiblog and the downside of that is that his blog is attractive to trolls. He gets round that problem by requiring people to register if they want to comment and has a demerit system for those who break his rules.

One of those he banned has been stupid enough to threaten to sue him.

Kiwiblog 1 – troll 0.

8 Responses to Kiwiblog 1 – troll 0

  1. pdm says:

    The burning question is this – was the troll banned just another of the many names used by Robert Guyton aka greenfly who frequents various blogs to make a nuisance of himself?

    Fess up RG.


  2. homepaddock says:

    I don’t know the real identity of the troll banned on Kiwiblog but it wasn’t Robert who left the comment I deleted from mine.


  3. adam2314 says:

    DPF to Court.

    After charges are read.

    I rest my case Sir.

    Should have been M’Lord.. But would never get that high.


  4. Andrei says:

    DPF’s comment threads are a waste of time for the most part.

    There are a few clowns who post from dawn to dusk saying diddly worth reading.

    Life is too short to sift through that dross


  5. pdm says:

    HP – RG seems to get around the blogs in many guises and I notice he has not refuted my allegation. I am pretty sure he was the `Todd’ DPF dealt to – what little I saw had all of his traits.


  6. adam2314 says:




  7. bobux says:


    There are a few clowns who post from dawn to dusk saying diddly worth reading.

    Amen, brother.

    I thought my life was dull, but I am often too busy to comment on blogs. I can’t imagine how miserable real life must be if it drives you to hang around on the internet day and night looking for people to disagree with.


  8. I’d add a comment but then I’d look like one of those miserable people who aren’t too busy to comment on blogs.

    But basically, yes. Kiwiblog is great but OMG how much time people must waste arguing with strangers there.


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