Who does the public service serve?

Before the last election National was criticised for being Labour-lite.

There is no danger of  that this time.

Just a week after the election date was announced there are some very clear differences in the two major parties’ policies and goals.

Trans Tasman’s noticed one of the bigger ones:

Key’s underlying message is the Govt is going to structure the public sector for the people who use its services: Labour is going to defend the current structure because it suits the people who work in it.

The public service grew too big under Labour. It’s a costly burden which is weighing down the private sector.

Back room functions are necessary to support front line staff and leave them free to do the work that matters most. But when the back room expands too much and uses scarce funds needed more for services and those who provide them it’s time for rebalancing.

The public service is supposed to serve the people who need its services not those who staff it.

7 Responses to Who does the public service serve?

  1. pdm says:

    HP – there are still a lot of areas where the John Key led government is still Labour Lite. Not repealing S59 after the referendum conclusively showed people did not want it is but one example.


  2. homepaddock says:

    PDM – This wasn’t a case of the party supporting the S59 law change, but that trying to change it was a priority compared with sorting out lots of other Labour messes – including the economy – which are so much more important.


  3. Peter says:

    Believe it when I see it. This National Party is the lot that gave us the Resource Management Act, & all that that means, red tape & short bullying inspectors. ETS, a Godsend for the bureaucracy building obsessed.
    Don’t hold your breath, it won’t happen. Been waiting since 1990 for the action that never happened back then.
    Face it, the National Party is a fizzer.


  4. homepaddock says:

    Peter – what about the good things – lower taxes, policies to reduce the burden of government, lower debt, aid productivity and get real growth rather than the tax and spend policies of Labour?


  5. Mark says:

    On what basis do you make the assertions in the last 3 paragraphs? They just sound like National party talking points to me. Evidence?


  6. JC says:


    The Public Service grew 50% under Labour, and salaries rose twice as fast as the private sector.

    Further, core public services (backroom) grew 2-5 times faster than front line services in (eg) education and health.



  7. homepaddock says:

    Thanks JC.

    Mark – do you disagree that the public service is there to serve the public rather than the staff?


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