You choose

Quote of the week from John Armstrong:

Key’s mischievous matchmaking, however, has him defining the election as a contest between a forward-looking National Party versus a rearwards-looking Labour Party beholden to the whims of NZ First.

In short, Key’s not-so-subtle pitch is one of stability versus chaos. New Zealand, you choose.

This is what I said yesterday – ruling out Peters gives voter, not the would-be king maker, the power.

Lindsay Mitchell made a a similar point in honest John vs perfidious Peters.

2 Responses to You choose

  1. Neil says:

    I love that word “perfidious” being used in relation to W.R.Peters.


  2. I love the way Goff keeps saying he’s leaving the decision up to the voters by not ruling out a coalition with NZ First. I think that is exactly what Key has done by ruling out an alliance with Peters. That certainty gets my vote. Peters disappears for three years and then starts getting headlines around about now – nine months out from election. It’s like he gets reborn when the E word beeps in his diary.


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