Power to the people

John Key has announced that he would not form a government in coalition with a Winston Peters led New Zealand First Party.

Mr Key said he intended leading a positive, aspirational government in a second term.

“I don’t see a place for a Winston Peters-led New Zealand First in a government that I lead,” he said at a press conference today.

“Historically, he has always been sacked by prime ministers. It’s a very different style to mine and it’s rearward-looking.

“I’m about tomorrow. I’m not about yesterday.”

Leaving the decision on which people or parties might be coaltion partners gives power to the parties and politicians. This announcement has given the power to the people.

Voters know where they are.

They can have John Key as Prime Minister of a National-led government without Peters or Phil Goff and a Labour-led government which would almost certainly need Winston Peters to get the numbers.

4 Responses to Power to the people

  1. Neil says:

    As an interested political junkie I cannot see why people want to load up again on the Peters wagon.
    He has been found wanting in the National Party, showboating and doing nothing, unreliable in govt and just a one man band.
    Peters appeals to the less informed, the “macho gunslingers”, the Tea Party people and those who want to return to NZ of their childhood.
    I applaud Key for putting the message in the sand – no reliance on Peters.Long term stable government is necessary not political expediency which is what Winston wants.
    All the talk Winston has about NZ First.Bollocks, what Winston is talking about himself for his own advantage.


  2. hj says:

    National used to be the party of farmers and businessmen, now it is the party of property developers and real estate agents. Key needs to avoid a dialogue on foreign sales (Harcourts Shanghai and all that).


  3. gravedodger says:

    Listen to the message hj it is about aspiration, honesty, pragmatic solutions, clearly signaled policy and leadership. National Party principles, something not in the psyche of the chameleon who calls his ego a party.
    The unemployed senior citizen of St Marys bay who still owes us $158 000 doesn’t quite make it on any of the above, let alone all.
    I don’t think even the racing industry, the bloodstock industry or the fishing industry would want a bar of his megalomania driven machinations. John Key could have used the rather large printed “no” placard and a briefcase with only a red phone for props but that is not his way,he gave us an unequivocal stance.


  4. Inventory2 says:

    Quite so Neil; NZ First has never been anything other than a vehicle to stroke Winston Peters’ ego. Without him, NZ First would curl up and die. Still, at least he didn’t name the party after himself like the Troughmaster-General did; Jim Anderton’s Progressive Party.


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