No silly games over election date

 Prime Minister John Key has announced the election will be held on November 26.

“I believe it is in the country’s best interests to know the date of the General Election early in election year,” says Mr Key.

“It creates certainty for New Zealanders and allows people to plan accordingly. This is particularly true this year when the Rugby World Cup, the third largest sporting event in the world, is being hosted by New Zealand.

This is a refreshing change from the political game-playing which the ruling party usually indulges in over the date, keeping it quiet for as long as possible to maximise its advantage and disadvantage the other parties.

This time it’s the interests of the country, not the ruling party, which come first.

One group who will benefit form the early announcement is officials who are responsible for organising polling places and employing staff.

Now everyone knows the date, it  also means everyone  knows when the rules over what can be spent in the last three months before election day take effect.

One Response to No silly games over election date

  1. Yes. This is so much better for everyone involved.


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