Accept something in government or nothing in opposition

Is the latest contretemps between Hone Harawira and the other Maori Party MPs the beginning of the end of the party?

Did the Maori Party’s MPs know just how much they were biting off when they decided to take on Hone Harawira?

Maybe not, because the strife now surrounding the party has the potential to tear it apart.

There wasn’t anything very different in what he said but it was the last straw for his colleagues.

This situation is partly the familiar problem small parties have when they sign coalition or support agreements with Labour or National.

To get some of the things they want, they have to go along with most of the Government’s agenda. . .

Sharples and Turia live in the real world of parliamentary politics.

This is the conundrum which faces all the wee parties. They can go into coalition and get something or stay in opposition and get nothing.

That is the real world of parliamentary politics and it’s a hard one.

A party which doesn’t do enough in its supporters’ view faces internal ructions. One which does too much is seen to be the tail wagging the dog, upsets the wider electorate and pays for it at the next election.

Big parties’ supporters become frustrated by the constraints of coalition politics too. But bigger parties achieve more in government than wee ones and have enough support to survive in opposition.

So far no wee parties which have been in government have survived opposition.

So what do they do – accept something in government in the knowledge it might kill them or stay in opposition where they achieve nothing?

2 Responses to Accept something in government or nothing in opposition

  1. gravedodger says:

    I wonder if the MSM is using this, as they do the unemployed celebrity of St Marys Bay, to create copy.
    The Hatfield faction is a steak (as opposed to rump) of drug addled thugs led by a tribal matriarch with a mouthpiece renamed with a Te Reo name to further the legend in a few hundred square miles of northern Te Tai Tokarau.
    A seriously sensible M.P. candidate with the Mana of say John Tamihere could offer a successful challenge to the thug faction in Te Tai Tokarau.
    Alongside the serious leadership that has pragmatically chosen to advance their cause within the tent of government are a large number of M. P. supporters with education and the settlement funds who see a future in moving on from the grievance politics and looking to grow the bright future of their race. Just as many ordinary Maori who have crossed the ditch and made something of themselves away from the poisoned chalice that so many of John Hatfield’s ilk perpetrate to maintain their profile.
    Can you see the successful Ngai Tahu giving the time of day to the Hatfields who cant even find some McCoys to wrangle.
    I hope the leadership bite the bullet and consign the number one thug of Awanui and his clutch of drug addled idlers to their fate.


  2. Adolf Fiinkensein says:

    Gravedoger, I couldn’t have said it better myself.

    Why do so many fools rave on about the Maori Party ‘tearing itself apart’ if they throw out this parasite?

    It is far from a foregone conclusion that Harawira will win Tai Tokerau as an independent. Even if he does, so what?

    The Maori Party will continue on in coalition. They’ll just have one vote less.


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