Dirt is good for your health

To counter the people who insist on an unhealthy level of cleanliness comes the news rural living halves asthma and allergy rate.

Professor Jeroen Douwes from Massey University told an international symposium in Auckland on Thursday that growing up on a farm reduces the risk of being allergic or asthmatic by 50% – 60%. . .

Does this mean a little bit of dirt is good for our health?

4 Responses to Dirt is good for your health

  1. Pdogge says:

    There is no dirt this am on our farm, if there was any,’twas all washed away by Cyclone Wilma…Rain gauge full at 100+ mls running over…clearing now and stock and ourselves appear to have no allergies or asthma.Plenty of grass left 🙂


  2. homepaddock says:

    Delighted you and your stock are healthy and that you’ve plenty of grass. Hope the damage to land, fences, trees . . . is minimal.


  3. Pdogge says:

    Thanks HP, looks OK storm abating now and heading for East BOP, Gisborne etc we very grateful…2 weekends in a row and last W E power cut 5 hrs :-(… all is well and now may turn mind to early electioneering…Hee Hee..


  4. gravedodger says:

    Something I have been very suspicious of for many years and I think is directly related to the supposed “purity” of many processed foods where the thousands of years of Human development has been exposing our bodies to myriads of bugs, antigens/allergens, pollens, oxydants, anti-oxydants and just plain old dirt that activate and or assist the auto-imune system we possess. When we sanitize our immediate environment, so easy with modern buildings with pure water in taps, filtered air, heat without smoke etc, we open that system to a loss of contact and allergens etc are able to attack much more effectively hence many more identifiable food and other environmental allergies. Do others notice a very distinct appearance of “beekeepers” who have had longterm exposure to bee stings and has anyone ever heard of a beekeeper becoming allergic to the venom. One I knew in the Wairarapa advocated the remedy of multiple stings to relieve arthritus by placing bare arms near the hive entrance and letting the bees go to work.
    As a child we had only ‘Race’ water settled in a tank to drink and stomach upsets were very rare but I shudder at the thought of seeing that water under a microscope today, admittedly we didn’t have nasties such as Giardia etc but coliforms would have definitely been present as it was patently obvious when the house cow walked up the race, grazing the sides just upstream of the intake. No need for a university degree to make the connection, shudder!.


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