Botany selection tweets – Jami-Lee Ross wins

Progress on National’s candidate selection for the Botany by-election is on Twitter.

It’s gone to the fourth ballot and is now between Maggie Barry and Jamie-Lee Ross.

Update: Jami-Lee Ross has won.

6 Responses to Botany selection tweets – Jami-Lee Ross wins

  1. gravedodger says:

    The very democratic, open and locally based selection process has been well covered particularly from people such as your self Ele, David Farrer at Kiwi blog and Cameron Slater at Gotcha. Three people with very intimate knowledge of the systems within the National Party. What a contrast to the “central Committee” dominated shambolic selection of Kris FaFoi in Mana and David Shearer in Mt Albert to run for Labour as “parachute candidates” at the behest of party leader Goff. Do the Labour party members and executive have a working knowledge of the meaning of democracy or is it just a buz word used by countries such as the “Democratic Peoples Republc of North Korea, German Democratic Republic along with the NZLP.
    Well done Jamie Lee Ross, clearly a remarkable young man. Now that is rejuvination and party renewal, 24 years old!
    It would appear on the information available that Ms Barrie made quite an impression going head to head on the 4th ballot, leaving me musing if she will go again. Coromandel or perhaps Wairarapa (she owned a property there not far from Brunette of Rawprawn’s escape place a few years ago).


  2. Bill Fish says:

    A blue-green is needed more than a ‘business as usual’ lackey.


  3. robertguyton says:

    What is a ‘blue green’?


  4. gravedodger says:

    Possibly the term blue green would allude to one who believes that application, good commercial choices and a work ethic can be coupled with a genuine desire to protect and enhance the environment while striving to create real wealth for the entrepreneur and the nation in a sustainable way.
    Far too many of those who currently inhabit the current green green party are watermelons with an anti business agenda generously overlaid with a politicl opposition to any form of globalisation and or entrepreneurial activity and come up with kneejerk vitriol whenever someone comes up with a plan to enrich themselves and the nation by implementing a new commercial initiative.


  5. Bill Fish says:

    Re Maggie Barry: does (Property Council dominated) National need an MP to remind the unwashed of the shrinking National garden?


  6. Napoleon De La Torre says:

    Mr. Ross, I voted for you, but because you supported the Gay marriage Bill you lost my vote in the future. To me it is an act of impropriety for politicians who support to legalise the whims of misguided people and they don’t care because it is a political investment. I am a Christian and I believe stupidity cannot change the definition of marriage according to the Holy Bible. I don’t know if you are a christian Mr. Ross. A Christian hates immorality and politicians who support immorality is not a trustworthy politician because he is morally bankrupt and politically misguided. Goodbye Mr. Ross !


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