Goff fails talkback test

When the Leader of the Opposition makes a speech outlining a major policy initiative in election year you’d expect it to generate discussion on talkback radio.

In spite of efforts by host Kerre Woodham to get responses to the speech Phil Goff delivered yesterday there were few takers on Newstalk ZB last night.

Between 8 and 10pm most callers talked about the suggestion junk food sales near school should be limited and almost all of the few who did discuss Goff’s speech weren’t impressed by his policies.

3 Responses to Goff fails talkback test

  1. Lindsay says:

    Nobody is interested because nobody thinks he will be in a position to implement them.


  2. JC says:

    Not quite that, more like he showed he remains part of the problem.



  3. gravedodger says:

    People in my circle were more impressed with the younger man with the auburn hair now leading the Labour Party. Pity about the production gaffe with the old leader, Goff’s portrait as a backdrop featuring the very mature graying image. Obviously the resounding victory of No 1 Aussie Ginga Ms Gillard over the ditch was the inspiration. Oh and I hope the new walk stays, very relevant with the remake of “True Grit” in the ‘Oscars’ this season.
    The message was largely lost amongst the mirth.

    We await the airbrushed photoshopped posters later, he just wont look the same when the front tooth gap disappears. It gives him such a “good ole boy” image and is gold to the caricature artists.


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