Another Green retiring

Green Party MP Keith Locke has announced he’ll be retiring from parliament at the election.

Two of the party’s MPs – Jeanette Fitzsimons and Sue Bradford  already stepped down during this term and Sue Sue Kedgely has also announced she won’t be standing again.

That’s a lot of renewal for a wee party.

23 Responses to Another Green retiring

  1. robertguyton says:

    We’re the third biggest party in New Zealand politics!Keith has always attracted flak from the rabid right.
    He’s a very genuine, pleasant person to talk with one-to-one. Mind you, that’s true of all of the Green MPs. Their rejuvenation is a great thing for them and the timing is excellent with regard the upcoming election.
    Did you see Gareth Hughes’ underwater protest in the Akaroa harbour recently?
    Can’t imagine the likes of Gerry Brownlee in a wetsuit. Key yes, he’s willing to pull on anything for a photo op, even a clown suit which I had presumed he wore under his suit at all times 🙂


  2. gravedodger says:

    Ah but will the replacements be centrally concerned about the environment or political science graduates prepared to use the GP to progress their other political ends.
    I wonder if the Green Party ever understood the electoral appeal deficit that largly single issue members ie Bradford,Locke and and Tanczos brought to the cause.


  3. Adolf Fiinkensein says:


    No more commies?


  4. pdm says:

    Perhaps he was going to be flicked down the list.


  5. robertguyton says:

    GD – I believe they did.
    Now that the three you mention are leaving/have left, that deficit will turn to surplus!


  6. Lou Taylor says:

    Ele, I think you left the “d” off wee.


  7. robertguyton says:

    Ele, I think you left the “t” of Lou.


  8. robertguyton says:

    off – and I should have added a smiley face so as not to attract the ire of a lout 🙂


  9. ZenTiger says:

    Keith has always attracted flak from the rabid right.

    Yep. And the moderate right. And often the centre, and occasionally the centre left. Something to do with him being a rabid lefty.


  10. robertguyton says:

    David Farrar is all cut up about news of Keith’s retirement.
    He says, “He is thone can’t say he e last of the original..”
    Imagine, Farrar blubbing so much over Keith Locke that his tears obscure his view of the keyboard!
    It’s a day of wonders!


  11. ZenTiger says:

    Oh, hang on. My mistake. I see now you were simply trying to malign the entire right by suggesting anyone who disagrees with Keith is, by definition, rabid.

    Sorry. Go right ahead.


  12. ZenTiger says:

    David Farrar is all cut up about news of Keith’s retirement.

    He’ll probably have a heart attack then if Minto retires. You reckon it’s worth a call?


  13. robertguyton says:

    Not at all Zen.
    I said, “Keith has always attracted flak from the rabid right.”
    I didn’t refer at all to the ” moderate right. And often the centre, and occasionally the centre left” as you so kindly emphasised.
    The rabid right (they really do exist, it seems to me, I’ve read comments from some of them on other blogs and they have rained derision down on Keith’s head.)


  14. robertguyton says:

    I suspect Farrar is more likely to have a heart attack as a result of his lifestyle than any news he might receive, although a decision to restrict the sale of fatty foods to school children would give him a serious turn! He’s rabid about allowing children free access to obesity-causing junk food and has championed the cause for as long as I’ve watched his blog.


  15. gravedodger says:

    Just musing, I seriously wonder if the control freaks who think the government can solve everything (government is a big part of the problem) will ever see that most fat people are too thick to see the relationship between; Food in greater than calories burnt equals fat, food in less than calories consumed equals skinny. So bloody simple really it’s all about parenting and personal responsibility.
    One advantage I suppose, if the evil fast foods are removed from close proximity, the fat kids will get more exercise when they go to get the evil junkfood.

    Ps I often see skinny adolescents eating maccas, Kfc etc and it is hard to miss Parekura when there is a TV camera nearby.
    Talk about filling the lens.


  16. robertguyton says:

    ” So bloody simple really it’s all about parenting and personal responsibility.”

    And yet New Zealand children are becoming obese (we are told – I can accept that ths is true).

    The parent/personal responsibility idea isn’t working.
    Should some one do something to prevent the extremely costly public health issue that is coming our way. Diabetes seems to be the major disease that will blossom under present conditions. If the thing we are doing now isn’t working, should we try something else?
    I reckon.


  17. gravedodger says:

    Moving the shop is not a solution it is merely interference in commerce and the enterprising will circumvent it.
    Put so called healthy food in school shop and surprise surprise the clients vote with their feet and bikes. Ah well exercise is exercise I suppose.
    The consumer has to be changed in their choices.
    How many people have I heard who will give up smoking when this packet is empty. They will have only run out. Until they are motivated to stop with a few in the packet and stare them down they are not in the required “space”to quit.
    I totally agree our nation is facing a health crisis that even many who claim to understand do not comprehend the magnitude, however changing the basic mindset as we have done with significant numbers of smokers, drunk drivers and couch potatoes is required not tinkering with highly visible but totally ineffective solutions such as legislating to create a zone where some foods cannot be sold.


  18. robertguyton says:

    “interference in commerce”
    Can’t have that!
    In favour of brothels beside schools GD?


  19. gravedodger says:

    Robert you appear to have missed my point, it is MERELY interference ie not going to make the sort of difference needed to thwart the problem we agree is a major.
    Brothels a RED herring I think don’t care where they are myself as young people know far too much about such things to bother including another irrelevancy in the already crowded curriculum.


  20. gravedodger says:

    Oh and BTW Robert Just to prove I don’t kneejerk reject a Green Party initiative I support comrade Kedgley’s drive to have product of processing, and possibly site of packaging if significantly different included on all food labels.


  21. robertguyton says:

    ‘Comrade’ Kedgley?
    Does Sue have Communist connections or are you just slandering her?


  22. Bill Fish says:

    Am wondering if Keifs unqualified support for Urewera 17 make him a liability. After all, the trial is in election year no?


  23. Bill Fish says:

    Funny thing about the Greens protesting the failure to get a marine reserve is that opposition from mana whenua may have played a decisive hand. Now which 2 parties support Moari ownership of foreshore & seabed?


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